Has your company outgrown your business process?

BPA… Business Process Automation is the strategy a business uses to automate processes in order to contain costs.

As most IT systems are inherently automation engines in themselves, a valid option is to extend their functionality with K2 to enable the desired automation, creating customized linkages between the disparate application systems where needed.

This approach means that the automation can be tailored specifically to the exact environment of your organization.

With MAS you can integrate line of business systems, access Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce.com, CRM, Active Directory, Exchange, SAP, SQL server & Oracle all with NO CODE! Are you interested in learning more about MAS & K2?

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Method Automation takes the time to discover and understand your current business processes.

Tell us about your existing process… MAS will sit down with your business experts, to document possible inefficiencies and document the non-value added steps. Typically it is an awakening for companies when what is perceived as a simple 5 step process is truly more multi-level and complex.


Method Automation will not only examine the data being collected, but identify individuals that are key contributors to the process.

When evaluating a process after discovery, time is taken to involve all of the participants as well as the system data sources. Each step and actor is identified as well as the data that is managed during each step. During the evaluation cycle Method Automation examines not only the data being collected and updated but those individuals making data modifications. This evaluation allows milestones to be condensed, eliminated or expanded allowing for more flexible solutions to evolve.


Method Automation utilizes a proven design methodolgy to capture the many levels of your business process.

Method Automation will fit all of the pieces together during the evaluation cycle to develop a solid design. Method Automation recognizes that disparate systems, legacy databases and third party tools can make the simplest of processes complex. A proven design methodology will take into consideration the following question.

  • What is the expected outcome?
  • What are the reports you will need to see?
  • What will this real-time dashboard look like?
  • What is the daily metric that will aid in the success of your decision making process?
  • How will this be audited for evaluation during the continuous process improvement cycle?


Method Automation provides K2 certified engineers and technology professionals to build low code solutions.

We have team members with years of experience using the latest technologies to build bug free applications. Method Automation maintains a staff of K2 certified engineers and technology professionals who are instrumental in reducing the build cycle time. Our engineers recognize the importance of creating applications that can be managed by the customer post delivery. They will provide the owner the ability to manage, change and deploy with their own support team. This limits the cost of ownership over the life of the application. Method Automation will not only build the software applications but also educate your development and support staff to adjust for future process changes.